Join 18MR to Resist for 100 Days

An email today from 18MR: It’s only been six days since Trump took the White House and we’ve already seen Executive Order after Executive Order fulfilling his divisive and unjust campaign promises. Our Congressional leaders have been capitulating on legislation and shocking cabinet appointments. The White House press corps has been lied to and disrespected. […]

Hillary Clinton’s Plan to Jumpstart Small Business Startups, Growth and Job Creation

The majority of Asian-owned businesses are small businesses and they form one of the strongest segments of America’s economy: between 2007 and 2012, Asian-owned businesses grew by 24 percent (from 1.5 million to 1.9 million), ten times more than the national growth rate. In the same period, Native Hawaiian and Pacific Islander-owned businesses grew by […]

Campaign to Launch Official AAPI Page

Hillary for America is going to launch an official AAPI page on its website and it’s full of helpful information and links!  (This site,, is grassroots and unofficial.) The page is going to officially launch in a few days, but you can preview it now at but you can also just type in “” and you’ll […]